When Is the Right Time to Replace Your Roof

One of the major undertaking when it comes to roofing is roof replacement. It is a necessary roofing solution that every property owner may experience in their lifetime. In Austin, Texas, for example, roof replacement is one of the roofing procedure that both property owners and roofing contractors would want to perform to resolve specific roofing issues. Whether roofing damage has been caused by heavy rain or strong wind, roof replacement would always be a viable option, as also experienced and suggested by a reputable roofing company like Dustin Johnson Exteriors & Roofing. Such a roofing company finds it important that property owners like you should consider roof replacement as a viable and effective solution, rather than sticking to recurring roof repairs.

a roof replacement team in action

Benefits of Professional Roof Replacement

Avoid More Expensive Roofing Issues

If you will be checking your roof right now, you will notice that there are a number of objects or debris on it. If you have not cleaned your roofing system for many years, chances are high that critical roofing issues are already existing without you noticing it. Depending on the damage that your roof has sustained, a potential roof failure may occur. Thus, leading to a potential roof replacement. Allowing a roof replacement procedure performed by an expert roofer will mitigate the chances of your roof collapsing, which is a more expensive roofing problem.

Curb Appeal Preservation

Your roofing system is one of the highly noticeable home features. That is why if you will leave your roofing system untouched or even not replaced after suffering a major roofing problem, the aesthetic value of your property surely decrease. Apart from that, it will surely be an eyesore in your neighbor, and would somehow affect how your neighbors and friends see you as a responsible person.

Signs That You Need Roof Replacement

Damaged or Missing Shingles

One of the most common signs to check concerning roof replacement are the damaged or missing shingles. When you start noticing that your roof shingles are already torn off or missing, you should consider roof replacement. This will ensure that you will have more good-looking and efficient roofing.

Granules In Your Gutters

Another sign that you need a roof replacement is the presence of granules on your gutter. Such specific debris would mean that your shingles are already wearing and might have already passed its usable lifespan. This type of issue is sometimes beyond repair as it includes the component itself that makes up your roofing.

Attic Anomalies

You might also want to take time checking the attic for potential leaks. Such leaks may not only include water, but also air leaks that could affect the moisture and temperature status of your property. Thus, leading to mold infestation and other related issues. If you want to avoid other damages, you might want to consider roof replacement for such could be the cause of the said issues.

Sagging Roof

Perhaps the most dangerous indicator that roof replacement is need is the sagging of your roof. When you notice that your roof exterior is not anymore in balance, it is a sign that the internal roofing system is about to collapse or is undergoing deterioration. For that matter, a roof replacement might be needed to save your property from total destruction.

Staining & Discoloration

Another reason to have a roof replacement is the discoloration above. This means that fungus or mold infestation had already begun on your property. To avoid risking not just your property, but also the health of the dwellers, you should consider a roof replacement as a solution.

Just For A Change

Another reason why property owner opts to replace their roof is just for a change of scenery. There are new roofing materials that offer great aesthetic value as compared to what you might have right now. And such reason could somehow influence property owners to replace their roofing materials with the latest and efficient materials available in the market.

Those are some of the reason why property owners like you would resort to roof replacement or consider having one. However, the ones mentioned above are not the conclusive factors to consider a roof replacement. For there might be some other available remedies to consider. And in order to avoid a costly mistake of having to replace your roof despite the alternative solution, it is important to always have a reliable roofing partner. When in doubt, always consult first a roofing contractor to help you with your decision making, whether or not roof replacement is the best solution.